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Kind Words From My Clients

What it's like to work with me
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  • First of all I want to say THANK YOU for the positive energy and encouragement that you offer through your blogs and web site! I cannot emphasize how valuable it has been to me in these past few days (YES DAYS!) since I’ve decided that I’m going to leave community mental health and take the leap into private practice.
  • I have been working as a therapist at community mental health agencies since I started my career in 2005. I’ve had various job experiences in many, many places and although I enjoy working with my clients, I’ve never felt like this is what I’m MEANT to do. Something is always missing. I’m realizing now as I get older and progress in my career that the “lacking feeling” is probably what’s motivated my many jobs and frequent moves.
  • . . . I had NEVER considered opening a private practice without managed care, but reading that it was possible was refreshing and inspiring! After reading your article, a million ideas started going through my head and I became excited once again at the possibility of a private practice. I have not been able to stop reading your blogs and articles since!!!!
  • I am so pumped up I almost cannot contain myself!!! lol EVERYTHING I read on here is positive and full of encouragement while still remaining realistic and practical about the requirements of starting a private practice. For the first time ever, I see this as a realistic possibility for me and while I am still PETRIFIED by the idea of leaving the conventional, safe ho-hum of working for an agency, I am now willing to FACE that fear and take it on full force!
  • I know that I’m a good, skilled therapist and I know that I have skills that I can offer to help others in need that would best be expressed through private practice rather than through the constraints of an agency and managed care.
  • I have no idea where to start, but I know that I will find a friendly, encouraging, and reliable guide right here at Private Practice.
  • THANK YOU again for helping us make our dreams come true!
Monica Gonzalez
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Tamara Suttle.
  • Some counselors seem to lose their spark as they spend time in the field – not Tamara!
  • Tamara’s spark only gets shinier and shinier!
  • She attracts people to her, both clients and fellow counselors alike.
  • Her ideas are smart, unique, and seemingly never-ending.
  • I’ve never been disappointed with anything she had to do or say! She isrelational and caring.
  • In short: I want to be like her when I grow up.
Stephanie Adams, MA, LPC
College Station, Texas
  • Tamara has an encouraging spirit that appears to inspire and energize those around her.
  • She has proven success in her professional endeavors and has a genuine interest in guiding others toward their personal and professional goals.
Traci Hart, M.Ed., LPC
Denver, Colorado
  • I highly recommend Tamara for both consultative and therapeutic work.
  • She is passionate, smart, energetic, and experienced working in the counseling field.
  • Her blogs are filled with helpful information.
  • She is a well respected member of the counseling community, and I highly recommend her.
Shaun Fischler, MA, LPC
Denver, Colorado
  • Tamara is so generous with her information, knowledge, and experiences – the good and the bad! Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her!
Danielle Vance, MA, LPC
Cherry Creek, Colorado
  • Tamara, in grad school we learn how to be the best counselors we can be.  What we do not learn is how to market our services as a counselor.
  • In just a thirty minute conversation with you I learned valuable information on how to increase my referral base and keep referrals coming.
  • Information that I immediately put into practice as soon as we hung up.  It was amazing that your advise could make such a difference.
  • I will be calling you again for a consultation.  THANK YOU!
  • It is amazing that I hear your voice now when a client comes to me saying that[he/she] can’t afford to pay . . . . I hear your voice say, ‘You can’t afford to see clients for free.’  Thank you!!
Robin Whisnant, LAPC, CAMS
Demorest, Georgia
  • My name is Amanda Wigfield, co-owner of Iolite Counseling in Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Tamara Suttle in a professional consultation / supervision group for two years and have known her for three.
  • Whenever new therapists approach me and ask what are the biggest pieces of advice I can give them about private practice,  my number one answer is to find great case consultation.
  • Working with Tamara in our consultation / supervision group has given me priceless peace of mind and professional growth.
  • As a private practice therapist, it is easy to feel alone and at times stagnant in your professional growth.  Without someone you trust to hold you accountable andencourage you to explore outside of your comfort zone, it is easy to fall into a rut.
  • What Tamara offers in her group is a safe place to ask questions, wonder aloud, and reflect personally upon your cases.
  • For me personally, I feel that through case consultation, I am both making ethical choices as well as expanding my therapeutic repertoire in a way that is exciting and invigorating.
  • It takes a skilled therapist to accomplish these results in a way that keeps other therapists looking forward to case consultation.
  • Tamara has the personality and skill set necessary to keep therapists like myself constantly recommending her for professional consultation / supervision services.
  • I truly believe that I will be doing private practice for years to come without feeling alone or experiencing therapeutic “burnout” because of the experience I have had with Tamara Suttle.
Amanda Wigfield
Castle Rock, Colorado
  • I just wanted to thank you for the consultation yesterday. I was really looking for help in transitioning my private practice from managed care to fee for service.
  • Before the consultation you took the time to become familiar with me and with my business.  Despite the fact that we live in different parts of the country you were able to get a feel for my market.
  • Your advice was tailored and individualized just for me, and I felt you really had a handle on what I wanted my ideal practice to look like.
  • I felt like we used all our time effectively and you did not seem fazed by my habit of occasionally jumping between topics!
  • I set the pace and you went with it.  I took a lot of notes during out conversation, but I didn’t really need to; your detailed write up that you sent me afterwards covered it all.
  • Not only was the advice helpful and specific, but you even provided me with just the right wording for my client letter!
  • I felt it was absolutely worth the money. Thank you, Tamara!
Sarah M. Fitzsimmons, LCPC, NCC
Buckeystown, Maryland
  • I want to update you on my website/blog, You may recall that I started it last year after the very first meeting of your Blog Start workshop. That workshop was a great help to me in overcoming my fears, breaking through inertia, and thinking about what to write and include on my site.
  • I am happy to tell you that it has really taken off. In the last 30 days alone, it has had almost 10,000 visitors (9,720, to be exact), according to Google Analytics. Yesterday alone there were 834 visitors. The website traffic seems to have a synergistic effect – the more people visit, the more that Google directs people to visit, which in turn leads to more visits, which in turn leads to more Google activity, etc.
  • . . . I am looking forward to seeing it grow more now that I am back; I added two posts in the last week and have a few more in the works.
  • Thank you for your tremendous help in making this happen, Tamara!
Stacey Freedenthal, Ph.D., LCSW
Denver, Colorado
  • It is my absolute delight to sing the praises of Tamara Suttle, LPC, as she has been a key player in my growth, development, and – most importantly – my improved confidence as a newly-minted mental health professional in private practice.
  • I am Barbara Sheehan-Zeidler, MA, LPC with Creative and Caring Counseling in Littleton, Colorado. I met Tamara initially at a Meetup group for mental health professionals in private practice. There was something about Tamara that I just wanted to get to know her better. When she opened up a local consultation group, I eagerly joined in for what would be a fun, educational, and rewarding time.
  • With Tamara’s gentle, honest, and direct guidance, I faced some of my fears, opened up to some of my “do I dare to dream” hopes, and gained confidence in invaluable ways.
  • One example I can share – Tamara knows I love to give presentations. With a smile, a nod, and a “why not you?” look, Tamara has consistently encouraged me to submit proposals to various conferences.
  • Recently I submitted a proposal to a nationally recognized organization which scared the bejeebers out of me to do so, but I did it and now feel a sense of accomplishment for having pushed myself in this important way.
  • Thanks to Tamara’s experience, insight, and encouragement, I can confidently say I have found my style of marketing and networking that work for me. With this new level of confidence, I have more community connections, established trusted relationships, and client referrals.
  • Working with Tamara has been an important contributing factor to my success as a LPC in private practice.
  • Thank you, Tamara!
Barbara Sheehan-Zeidler, MA, LPC
Littleton, Colorado
  • It is with great pleasure that I get to recommend and praise, Tamara Suttle, LPC! She is a light in the blogosphere darkness and uses her knowledge to help others shine too!
  • My name is Mercedes Samudio, LCSW and I am a family/parent coach and founder of The Parenting Skill. I met Tamara almost two years ago at the beginning of my blogging career. I had no idea of how to find my voice in writing, gain an audience for my blog, or create great content. I lurked around her blog and site, watching as she not only engaged with her readers, but also spotlighted some of the most prolific up and coming therapists and mental health professionals in guest posts.
  • I was awed that when I commented, she not only commented back, but lead a discussion that helped me figure out what blogging is really about: building relationships. It was this nugget of knowledge that has been influential in how I develop and run my blog. Tamara has taught me, through her informative and insightful blog posts, how to create content that encourages discussion, builds my credibility, and helps me become an expert in my niche!
  • What I have learned from Tamara’s open and honest style is that she knows how to lead you to becoming an excellent blogger with her experience, expertise, and infallible knowledge.
  • Your work with her will change the way you see yourself as a blogger, the way you see the content you’re creating, and the way you engage with your audience to bring you into a new perspective about online presence and online credibility.
Mercedes Samudio, LCSW
Huntington Beach, California
  • My name is Amy Maricle, LMHC, ATR-BC, with Maricle Counseling in Foxboro, MA. I started working with Tamara a few months ago to help me navigate the business end of being in private practice.
  • I had been reading Tamara’s blogs for about a year prior to engaging in coaching with her. I interviewed several different coaches, and right away when I had my free consult with Tamara, she stood out for her warmth, generosity, energy, and ability to put me at ease. Not only was Tamara more economical than other coaches, I have also gotten more support and feedback because of our email contact between sessions, which has been invaluable as I stretch my comfort zones!
  • I am a  good therapist, but I knew absolutely nothing about business, or how to combine business and therapy. A lot of what I struggled with in the beginning was understanding how to get all the business parts done without being awkward or interfering with the therapy. What I needed was someone experienced and successful to give me language I could use with clients and other therapists about running a private practice outside of managed care. Tamara was that person.
  • I can talk about finances, network, and explain my model in a passionate, authentic way. This feels really good.
  • Finally, Tamara obviously also taught me a lot about blogging and the value of blogging as a marketing tool. What I like so much about my work with Tamara, and her posts, is that it has also exposed me to so many other resources of information, and empowered me to believe that I can succeed in promoting my business online. Just this week, I had a post with over 1,000 likes on Facebook, 24 comments, and multiple re-pins on Pinterest. All of this resulted in me almost doubling my email list.
  • If you think coaching might help you in your business, I encourage you to talk to Tamara. For me, the investment has paid for itself and then some.
Amy Maricle, LMHC, ATR-BC
Foxboro, Massachusetts
  • My name is Amy Flaherty. I am president of True Hope Counseling, PLLC  and Southern Sandtray Institute in Jonesboro AR.
  • When I began working with Tamara, I was extremely new to the whole blogging experience and her class was the first step I took to dip my toe in the proverbial water of blogging. It was the best thing I did for my online presence.
  • With her class, I learned all of the usual do’s and don’ts of blogging but even more helpful was that the class was geared specifically for therapists.
  • Throughout each class, I felt that my questions were heard and answered (as well as some I never thought to ask!)
  • Since taking her class over a year ago, I have guest posted on several large blogs with one even featured by the Association of Play Therapy.
  • Now, my blog is one of the top referral sources of traffic to my website without a doubt.
  • One of the best investments I have ever made in my online presence.
Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT
Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • What I love about working with Tamara is that she is truly an idea factory.
  • I come out of our meetings with pages and pages of notes and ideas about how I can make my business bigger, better and more fun.
  • Over the years, she has been not only been one of my biggest cheerleaders, but also a fantastic coach and mentor.
  • Tamara has taught me how to scale my business to make it more profitable, and has nudged me toward creating group classes and online programs, instead of just selling my time by the hour.
  • She is one of the most talented coaches I know — she’s absolutely worth every penny.
Beth Hayden
Boulder, Colorado
  • Tamara has been one of my most valuable resources in building my private practice!
  • My name is Cathy Wilson, and I own LifePaths Counseling Center, and I am also a Co-Director of a group practice called 2nd Chance Counseling Center.  Both are located in Littleton, Colorado.
  • I’ve known Tamara since 2011 and immediately found that being a part of her consultation group was one of the most important things I could have done to build my practice.  I left each meeting with ideas to implement AND motivation to get them done!   Not only did I gain clinical, ethical and running-a-business knowledge – I was also able to get to know other counselors whom I trust.
  • If you are looking for help with your practice and you want someone who can think outside the box, push you to levels you never knew you could do, and can do all that with inspiration and grace – you found her!
Cathy Wilson, LPC
Littleton, Colorado
  • My name is Leslie McCleary and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I provide psycho-therapeutic services to women who are experiencing Postpartum/Perinatal Mood Disorders among other women’s health issues.
  • In 2010 I relocated from Washington DC to Denver CO.  Upon my arrival to the Denver area I landed a unique opportunity to set up my private psychotherapy practice within a women’s wellness center, Fertile Ground Wellness Center.  While I was delighted to work along side several highly trained and skillful practitioners, none were mental health providers.
  • It was about 2 months into my new private practice that I read a posting on Denver’s Private Practitioners Network from Tamara Suttle.  Tamara was offering to get a consultation group together for private practitioners in the area.  Feeling isolated as a mental health provider, a consultation group sounded like a great fit for me.  Little did I know this group would become my “home” as a therapist and a group that I now rely on for support, education and personal/professional growth.  Tamara is the backbone of this group and I am forever grateful for her leadership.
  • In the two plus years that I have worked with Tamara, I have experienced much personal and professional growth thanks to Tamara.  Tamara has always made herself available as a teacher, sounding board, mentor and friend.  Tamara hasencouraged me to think outside my comfort zone, try new ideas and push myself as a therapist.  She listens, validates and challenges (all while having a lovely sense of humor.)
  • In addition to the growth I have experienced, I have gained priceless informationregarding the operations of a private practice from a business perspective.  In the social work field, there is little to no training in business models.  In Tamara’s role as a leader in this consultation group, she has provided me with researched information, challenged my thinking and validated risks I have taken as a private practitioner.
  • Tamara has taught me to seek and work with only ideal clients for my practice.  Often times as a social worker, I feel that I can and should provide services to a client.  Tamara has shown me this is not the case and there are limitations andboundaries in a private practice.  This is a lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.
  • Overall, I would rate my experience with Tamara Suttle as outstanding.  Tamara is ahighly skilled practitioner, an information seeker and ethical provider.  She is a true gift.  I am grateful and honored to be her colleague.
Leslie McCleary, LCSW
Denver, Colorado
  • My name is Amy Kalas and I am a board-certified music therapist in Miami, FL. I own a private practice, Wholesome Harmonies, LLC.
  • Tamara’s website and blog have provided me with so much valuable information that it’s hard to describe in a paragraph and do it justice! Each time I receive an update in my inbox from Private Practice Inside Out, I immediately click on the link and go directly to the blog post. I know in a there is going to be some helpful resource or tip that will inspire me or make me look at private practice from a different perspective.
  • Things like setting rates, client confidentiality, marketing, etc. can be tough topics to handle as a therapist, but Tamara does a beautiful job of providing information in a way that is user-friendly and actionable. I have also found her to be helpful andpersonable in my email interactions with her!
  • I share her website and blog with everyone who will listen!
Amy Kalas, MM, MT-BC
Miami, Florida
  • My name is Marta Kem. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado and the owner of Marta Kem Counseling, LLC.
  • Without any doubt, I can say that the main reason why I work with Tamara is because I trust her.
  • Over the years she has provided me with very specific business advice and she is always full of creative ideas of how to improve and grow my business.
  • Apart from being extremely experienced and knowledgeable, she is approachable and genuine.
  • I so appreciate that Tamara can truly relate to all of my struggles of being a new business owner. She gets it, and she knows how to push and challenge me enough to take my business to a different level.
Marta Kem, LMFT
Broomfield, Colorado
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